5 Seconds CPS Test

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What is the 5 Second CPS Test?

All you have to do is click to start the test and keep on clicking until the time runs out. After 5 seconds, your result will pop up, including your clicks, rating, and score. You can analyze the test and determine your clicking speed.

Improve Your Clicking Score

Everyone has a different clicking speed, so the test score varies from person to person. There is no need to be hard on yourself if your score is lower than the average score because, with practice, you will be able to score better.

Take things slow and build your strength with practice. This is how I improved my 5 Second CPS Test score. Regular practice increases your agility and finger movement, making your body used to faster clicking.

The best thing about this tool is you can access it anytime and repeat the test as many times as you want. Keep on practicing, and you will achieve your set clicking goal.

6 Tips to Improve 5 Second CPS

  • Stay relaxed, and make sure your hands are not sweaty. It will affect your clicking performance.
  • Don’t get distracted. Put all your focus on the test for the five seconds. The more focused you are, the better the results.
  • Before taking the test, do practice a little to figure out what strategy works best for you.
  • Use clicking techniques like drag click, jitter click, or butterfly click. These will help you register more clicks in less time and eventually increase your clicking score.
  • Practice daily to make yourself consistent.
  • Use a highly responsive mouse, particularly a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse is more sensitive to a response than a regular mouse. So, every time your finger presses the button, the click will be counted.

Benefits of 5 Seconds CPS Test

  • You will learn about your CPS score and clicking rate in a second.
  • Once you master this test, you can challenge yourself to take more advanced CPS tests.
  • Up your gaming experience and always come out as a winner because of your exceptional clicking speed.
  • Use your clicking ability to complete tasks in less time, whether you are a gamer or an employee.


The average CPS in 5 seconds is 19 CPS, but the highest CPS world record for 5 seconds CPS test is 27 CPS.

According to the average score, a CPS score above six is good.