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What is a Butterfly Click Test?

Butterfly Click Test is a technique to calculate one person’s speed to click a mouse by counting the number of clicks he made in a certain timeframe. Most of the time, this timeframe is only ten seconds and the person has to keep clicking in the corresponding zone as fast as possible. Once the time is over, the tool shows the result of the test in the form of a CPS score; click per second.

This test is mainly designed for the players since various games are based on the gamers’ ability to make rapid clicks. For example, the armours in most shooting games shoot bullets according to the pace of the gamer’s click. Thus, to become better at such combat and shooting games, the player has to increase his mouse clicking speed which is possible by practice on this tool consistently.

How is the butterfly test different from other mouse-clicking tests?

The name butterfly Click is given to this mouse-clicking test for a reason; butterfly clicking is a certain method of tapping the right side of the mouse which boosts the overall CPS score tremendously. Generally, to click the mouse, the index finger is placed on the right button. However, in the butterfly Click technique, two fingers; the index finger and the middle finger, are used to click the mouse.

For this, you need to place both the fingers on the right button and click it alternatively; tap the button with one finger while the other one is in the air. Then tap the button with another finger while the first one is in the air. According to stats, you can achieve maximum clicks in seconds with this technique. Still, to get better, you’d need practice.

The main difference between jitter clicking and butterfly clicking is that the former utilises only one finger which needs to vibrate, hard enough to make a click. For doing so, one may have to keep these arm, wrist, and finger muscles tensed which may lead to major health concerns like arthritis. On the other hand, while doing butterfly clicks, the whole pressure and tension are distributed between two fingers which makes the whole thing less harmful.

How to improve your CPS score in the butterfly click test?

As mentioned before, you can score twice in the butterfly test than you do in the jitter Click test. However, to get even better, here are some tips you should follow

  1. Take online tests – many websites offer butterfly testing tools which you can use to calculate your CPS and practice consistently, for one to two hours daily.
  2. You need to learn how to balance the pressure between two fingers equally. If you keep one finger tenser than the other, your hand will get tired earlier and you won’t be able to score well.
  3. Try to grip the mouse firmly and place your wrist on the mouse pad. This will give you more stability and keep your hand relaxed.