Butterfly Click Test

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Basically, it’s a test to check your clicking speed. I have performed this test multiple times, and this is what I usually do.

  • Open the Butterfly click test tool.
  • Click on the start or begin the test button.
  • As soon as I click on that option, I rapidly click on the mouse using my index finger and middle finger alternatively.
  • When the test time is over, your score will pop up on the screen.
  • It shows clicking speed, number of clicks registered, and rate your clicking speed.

The test score shows your clicking speed; the higher the score, the higher your clicking speed. Don’t be heartbroken if your score is not good.

  • Keep one finger on the mouse and the other in the air. Click, change finger positions as quickly as possible, and click again. Repeat this process to learn and master the Butterfly click.
  • You will only have ten seconds for the test; the trick is to pick up the pace. Be as fast as you can in the first five seconds, and then maintain the speed for the other five seconds.
  • It helps gaming enthusiasts register maximum clicks in the least time to improve their game.
  • The best thing about Butterfly Click is that it does not cause any physical harm. So, even if you practice Butterfly clicking for hours, you won’t be complaining about numbness, pain, or any physical injury, which is why it is the safest of all gaming techniques.
  • As you get better at this technique, defeating enemies and opponents will be a piece of cake for you.
  • It is not only good for games; this technique helps everyone who has a good clicking speed to perform better, whether they’re a typist or an employee.