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What is Jitter Click Test

Jitter Click Test is another mouse click test, developed by Minecraft and is used to calculate how many times you can jitter on a mouse in a second. If you’ve played Minecraft games (especially the PvP combat games) then you must be aware of how important it is to click fast. The more clicks a person can make, the higher his chances to win the tournament

Therefore, to perform better in Minecraft games, one may have to develop a good CPS score; 10-12 clicks per second. If you are new to this jitter test then your initial cps score will be around 6-8 CPS. Although stats say that it is an average score the thing you need to remember is that it’s not the ideal one. Almost all the pro players of Minecraft have a cps score of 12-14 CPS, which is extremely difficult to hit.

The good thing is, it’s not something impossible since with the help of jitter test tools and practising for one to two hours daily, you can achieve the goal. So, let’s have a look at how jitter test tools work and what are the tips to improve your CPS score.

Method to take Jitter Test

The method of taking a jitter test is just like that of other mouse-clicking tests. All you need to do is to visit the corresponding website (offering the jitter tool) and select the jitter test from the homepage. As soon as you’d select the tool, a new tab opens, showing a box in the centre. Within the box, click here would be written so as soon as you’d click in the box, your test would begin. Also, a timer would start.

To score well, try to click your mouse as fast as possible. Once the timer stops (after 10 seconds), the system will show you your CPS result. To improve this, reset the timer to your desired length (10s, the 30s, or 60s) and press the restart button. The more you’d practice, the better your CPS score would get and the better a Minecraft player you’ll transform into.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning here is that you should not keep practising on this jitter test for more than two hours a day. Otherwise, problems like carpal tunnelling, wrist and finger sprains, and arthritis may arise. Also, never try to exceed the speed of 15 CPS since it could be harmful to your hand health.

Tips to improve your CPS score

To score better on the jitter test, you should use some techniques such as follows

  1. Try to keep your finger, arm, and wrist straight.
  2. Keep your hand and arm steady and place the mouse over a stable surface so while holding it, you won’t face vibrations or friction.
  3. Keep your index finger on the mouse, all the time, and click the button by moving your wrist muscles. Don’t grab the mouse too forcefully since it could make your muscles tense.
  4. Keep the distance between your thumb and index finger as low as possible to increase your click speed.