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Whether you are good at clicking or not, you must be interested in counting your clicks to evaluate your performance. You can rely on the Kohi click test to assess your gaming performance and abilities. In this quick guide, we will explore what a Kohi click test is, how you can use this tool to test your abilities, and much more, so stay with us.

Kohi Click Test

When I started practicing, I didn’t score well. You might also find it challenging at first, but with time and practice, you will become a better clicker. Mostly, this platform is used by players who like games like Minecraft, Tekken series, etc.

How to Take Kohi Click Test?

  • Get a gaming mouse to start the test. The regular mouse will work, too, but a gaming mouse offers better performance.
  • Use any Kohi click test tool and click on the option that says” Click Here” or “Click Me to Start,” etc.
  • As you click on that, your time will begin. So start clicking like crazy.
  • You will only have limited time to register as many clicks as possible.
  • When the time is up, your result will pop up on your screen, along with the rank and performance rating.
  • What score did you get? If you are not satisfied with the result, you can repeat the test.

How to Click Like a Pro?

Don’t worry if your clicking speed is not up to the mark. Read the following useful tips and tricks to get a better clicking score.

Don’t you want to take the spot of a winner in the game? If you are nodding, you need to work on your clicking speed, and the Kohi click test will help you achieve your online gaming goals.

Why Clicking Speed is Important in Games?

For instance, a player against you has 12 Click Per Second (CPS), and you have seven; who will win the battle? Obviously, the one with higher CPS, right?

  • First of all, practice regularly. Set a time and practice clicking every day. This prepares your mind and body to click faster than usual, and eventually, you will achieve your goal.
  • Play games like Minecraft to assess your clicking speed and analyze your flaws practically.
  • Moreover, if you want to increase your CPS, then go for a gaming mouse. This mouse has quick responses and offers high performance, which is crucial in obtaining good CPS.
  • Lastly, you can rely on various clicking techniques to trick the system into thinking that you are clicking faster. These techniques include jitter click, butterfly click, drag click, etc.

Imagine how higher your CPS score will go if you use all these tricks. A gaming mouse, regular practice, mastering a clicking technique, and playing Minecraft daily is enough to make you a clicking pro. Do try it out.

You can come back anytime here to check your CPS with the Kohi click test. Have a look at the following table to find the best CPS score for each clicking technique.

Clicking TechniqueCPS Score
Regular Click3 to 9 
Jitter Click10 to 14
Butter Click15 to 25
Drag Click30 to 100


It is a test to measure your clicking speed. The Kohi click test determines the ratio of clicks per second.