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Kohi Click Test, as the name implies, is a mouse clicking test that is used to determine the speed of clicking the mouse in a second (how many times you can click the mouse in a given timeframe). It’s just like other mouse-clicking programs with only one difference; it belongs to the Minecraft group and is mostly used by gamers who love playing Minecraft games. To know more about this program, keep reading the article.

Why should you try the Kohi Click Test?

As stated before, it’s a test that tells you your mouse clicking speed. You must be thinking, does the speed of mouse clicking actually matter? Well, it does! Especially if you are a gamer then it’s one of the most important things that determine your overall gaming performance.

After undergoing this test, you can evaluate whether you should improve your click speed or are you lacking in some other skills? For example, if you want to win a tournament of PvP Minecraft combat then you have to swing your sword at least ten times/second which in turn means you have to click the mouse at least ten times a second.

The player who’ll be able to do it will be the winner. Aside from Minecraft combat games, if you are playing in other categories like Minecraft adventure games or running games then you must click the mouse at a speed of 7- 8 CPS for winning the title of a pro player. All in all, the faster your fingers move over the mouse, the better and more unbeatable the player you’d be.

Other than knowing about your click speed, this test can also help you increase the speed which in turn, will boost your gaming skills. In other words, if your CPS score comes out to be lower than ideal, you can practice by undergoing the same test again and again, until your CPS score gets better. To hit a score of about 6-8 CPS, you’d need to practice for one to two hours daily.

Note your click speed at the end of every day to keep track. Remember that, to become a pro player of Minecraft FPS, PvP, and adventure games, you should set the target of 12-14 CPS. Don’t think of it as something boring since the test is extremely addictive. Even some Minecraft players take this test as a competitive game and compete with other players to score higher and higher.

How to take the Kohi test?

It’s quite simple since all you have to do so is to follow the given steps

  1. Visit the website offering the kohi test using your internet browser and wait for a few seconds
  2. From the menu, select the kohi test. This will direct you to a new webpage, showing the main tool
  3. On this page, you’ll see a square showing the click here button. As soon as you click on the square, the test will start and the server will begin to count your click speed.
  4. Click as fast as possible to score better. After some seconds, you’ll be shown your CPS results.

Sometimes, users are also offered to set the time frame as per their choice. For example, you can choose how long the test should run; 10sec, 30sec, or 60sec.