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What is a CPS Test?

How Does the CPS Test Work?

How to Improve Your CPS Score: Tips and Tricks

Never Stop Practicing

Focus on Accuracy

Proper Technique is the Key

Use a Good Input Device

Warm Up Before Taking the Test

Don’t Let Anything Distract You


On average, the CPS test score ranges between 5 and 10 clicks per second. However, it widely depends on your age, level of hand dexterity, design of the input device, and your familiarity with this device.

Well, the highest CPS test score ever recorded is impossible to determine as there is no specific platform to conduct it. However, reportedly, some people have achieved a score of up to 20 clicks per second. Do consider that it is only possible after prolonged practice and absolute focus.

The accuracy of the CPS test depends on the software or tool you are using as well as your ability to use the input device. Usually, CPS tests are reliable, especially those using advanced metrics to track the distribution of clicks over a certain time. However, they do not measure your skills or intellect but rather the frequency and speed of your clicks.

Final Thoughts