Nowadays, everyone loves playing games online, but unlike real life, besides interest in a game and skills to play that game well, a gamer should have essential online gaming skills to win the game. In online games, even a split-second delayed reaction can make you lose the game. This is why all gamers should master advanced clicking techniques such as drag-clicking.

If you are here, then you must know how to drag-click and want to test your drag-clicking speed. Without the test, you wouldn’t know if your gaming skills are improving or not. So tighten your grip on that mouse and learn what is drag click test and the steps to perform it.

What is Drag Click Test?

Knowing how to drag clicks is not enough; it is important to evaluate the speed and accuracy of your clicks to analyze your gaming capabilities. Drag click test is quite a famous technique among gamers that they use to generate more clicks.

This test will help you determine your mouse’s clicking speed and how accurately you drag click. Read ahead to learn how to take a drag-click test.

How to Take a Drag Click Test?

It is suggested to use a special mouse for a drag-click test because they are more responsive, but you can also do it with a regular mouse. Here are the steps I follow to perform a drag-click test.

  • Go to a Drag Click test website.
  • Look for the option “Click to begin” or “Click me,” etc. to begin this test.
  • The moment you click on this option, the timer will start.
  • Then, keep on clicking until time runs out. You can also select the limited time for this test.
  • When the time is up, your score will pop up on your screen.
  • Analyze the score to determine the clicking performance of your mouse and you. That’s it.

Anyone who wants to test the drag capability and clicking speed of their mouse can perform this test above. Moreover, you can perform this test as many times as you want.

Benefits of Drag Clicking

Drag clicking is an advanced gaming technique used by gamers to register more clicks. It is very useful in games where a gamer’s clicking speed matters.

If you master this technique, you will be able to generate more clicks in less time. This might shock you, but you can generate 100 clicks in a second, which is amazing. Imagine how well you will be performing in a game with this technique.

As you will be dragging your finger down on the button of the mouse without releasing it, it is far less tiring than continuous clicking. So, even 100 clicks in a second won’t cause any discomfort.

It is super easy to learn. There is no rocket science; all you have to do is press your mouse button, drag your finger to another point, and release the button. It creates friction, tricking the system to count it as clicks, and when you take your finger off the mouse, it produces a massive number of clicks.

Hacks to Master Drag Clicking Technique

When I was a beginner, I used to score only 20 to 30 clicks in ten seconds, but with a little practice and a few valuable tricks, I improved a lot. Here are the tips that helped me improve.

  • Make sure your mouse is squeaky clean, as it offers better grip and friction. Any dust, sweat, etc., on the button reduces the friction, which affects the results.
  • Get a better grip on your mouse if you are going to spend long hours practicing this technique. Go with any hand placement you are comfortable in to practice drag-clicking.
  • It’s better to use a highly responsive mouse because even a little drag pressure generates a good number of clicks. Moreover, a lightweight weight offers better comfort, so try to find a mouse that is as light as a feather.


What is drag clicking used for?

Drag clicking is a technique used by gamers to generate more clicks per second (CPS).

Is drag click cheat?

No drag-clicking is not cheating. In fact, all gamers are allowed to use this trick. But sometimes, the anti-cheater system in games detects 20 CPS as an auto clicker and bans the gamer’s ID.

What is the drag-click test for right-click?

To perform the drag-click test on the right button, you need to press the button with your index finger. Keep pressing the button, drag your finger on it, and release.


Drag clicking test is a way to improve your clicking speed and gaming capabilities. Daily practice can help you elevate your clicking expertise to new heights, making you a pro gamer. So get yourself a relevant mouse and practice the clicking test on our reliable tool to unlock the full potential of your clicking abilities.